3 months at home

I had come to the realization that the young lady we call "Alaska" was never going to contact us again.  I was hopeful she had found a new wonderful life and had moved on.  I was worried that she like so many others had gone back to the life and was again being prostituted daily.  We reflect often about the ladies we have helped by housing them, getting them out of the area to a safe place or just being there when they need to talk about life.  Most of the time we never hear from them again and we just pray that their lives are in some way better.

This morning she called again.  Her life is as back to normal as she can have it right now.  She is back in Alaska, she has a job, a car and is getting counseling.  We talked about our mutual home, Alaska, which was the catalyst that brought her out of her shell and to the knowledge that what was happening to her was going to end up killing her.  We talked for almost an hour and she said " You know Charley, I would've been back selling my ***** if you had not taken the time again and again to talk to me.  You listened and explained the process in a way I could really understand this time.  You saved my life."  That, in a nutshell, is why 51 South Foundation is in operation.  We didn't house her or give her any resources.  We gave her some time and knowledge.  We didn't even have a hand in her rescue.  She had someone that did rescue her know that she was hurting. They knew the process was not working but found someone with a connection.  Take the time with someone today, it might seem small to you but it could be their whole world!

The language isn't always pretty, the stories are always horrible but sometimes the ending is special.  



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