Alaska Update!

I am very happy to report that our friend is still in housing and not back in the life of misery.   

Her spirits are high and her resolve and strength are amazing!  She has spoken with her mother on numerous occasions and mom is planning a trip down to see her this week.  They have begun the arduous process of healing old wounds and figuring out what caused those wounds.

We had a great conversation, but she is still trying to understand that there are men out there that want to help her and expect nothing in return.  I had to tell her several times that grace is something she should expect from others and that it has no repayment plan.  The circle of people that she found herself trapped by are not an accurate representation of the world in general, despite what the news, social media, etc.  tell us.  There is good in this world and great people are everywhere.  

She had an interesting story about a truck driver that tried to help her.  She was unaware of Truckers Against Trafficking and was certain he was just trying to take her.  The gentleman offered her the full money for her services, but didn't want them.  He told her that she could escape the life and he would drive her wherever she needed to go.  He would find a safe place for her.  She thought he was a pervert and was interested in making her his girl.  She took the money and bolted out of the truck as fast as could.   She now understands he was trying to help and asked if I knew him.  I told her that I didn't. All she wants to do is return that money to him when she can afford to pay him back.  I told her that if he was offering to help he knew why she took the money.  

Her thought process was fluid this time.  There wasn't the segmented, guarded speech that we have become used to hearing.  She talked about her future, her goals, and her dreams.  All good signs that she is making the proper steps to a brighter future.  Keep praying for her, she really needs it.  



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