How did you see it

After the recent arrests of pimps and prostitutes in Southaven, I received this email from a survivor.  

I don't know if you want to share this or not, but I figured if you do its ok. I don't talk about my past. I try my best to not think about it. Today I've been crying off and on all day and I can't be quiet. Have you seen the news stories about the bust in Southaven? Not the one you put up. The other ones. The FBI was going after the pimps. They called it anti sex trafficking. I was so happy they got it right! But, then the local news is saying that the cops are clearing out the prostitutes.   All they put up is cops and politicians going on about the prostitute problem. They are using them the same way as the pimps do! They are drawing attention to get the story out!!! They don't give a s#!* about the pimps and the Johns. They don't care about the real story.  Oh they weren't from (your) our town, they weren't from Southaven. It's a business!!! Pimps go where the money is. Apparently ya'll have the men and the money bringing it in! Nobody gets it!!! I had politicians and cops and preachers buy me. The title don't mean anything. You can try to pretend that you have perfect people in your town OR you can face the fact that ya'll have a problem. Ya'll have men that dont care about rape and incest and the fact we were just kids! Ya'll need to know I was 5 when I was first messed with. It happened again when I was 11 and didn't stop. My teenage years were hell. I stayed high so I didn't have to deal. I had a kid I couldn't see until I made my quota for the day. I begged the "dates" and told them i was 14 and needed help. They told my pimp and he beat me unconcious. The worst story I saw today is them saying a daddy and daughter were arrested. They ******* put her picture up!!! Like she woke up when she turned 18 and said Daddy I wanna be a hoe can you help me with that? That's the way you people see it too! Just because they not kids it's what they decided to do. Now because of the news they are screwed again because even IF they get out the game there they are for display. I didn't want to do it any of it!  Ya'll they don't want to do it! They are stuck. They get beat if they don't work.  They are scared.  They ain't gonna show it. They can't. Just quit thinking like the want it. Do you?  Do you want it 20 times a day? Females?  Hell no! It's slavery plain and simple. Look ya'll, I'm out but they ain't.  Help them get out. Pray for them. Quit hating on them. They need ya'll to be mad at the slave master... the pimp/manager/boyfriend /daddy. If you do put this up, if she's reading I want her to know she can get out... peace


It really is all about perspective.  Isn't it.

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