Getting Involved

The most frequently asked question is how do I volunteer or work within the foundation.  We are finally at the point that we are expanding our volunteer staffing and we need your help.  So we need volunteers and hopefully as we grow we can begin to have employees.  We need the following help:

Fundraising Director - The Fundraising Director is responsible for planning, organizing and directing all of 51 South's  Fundraising efforts.  

Program Director - The Program Director oversees the planning, staffing and controlling program activities.

Social Media Director - Will oversee all current and future social media endeavors. 

Counselors - Direct counseling of our residents.

Case Managers - Intake, assessments, individualizes service and goals, crisis intervention and regular appointments with residents to assist in meeting their goals.

Team Leaders - Coordinates all activities of the Pecan House including maintenance, food and supplies.

Transporters - This position is needed all hours of the day and night.  We will supply evasive driving training and this is the only position that may involve an element of danger.  Our Transport will handle entrance interview(if not already completed), complete intake forms, ensure new resident does not have contraband(cell phones, drugs, alcohol or weapons) and transport new resident to the Pecan House.

Once again these are currently unpaid positions.  If you are interested in one of these positions please email resume, availability and position interested in to

You do not have to spend all day writing or rewriting a resume.  Just send what you have.

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