The beginning of something grand!

As we begin the public launch of 51 South, I wanted to take a moment to thank some of the wonderful people that have helped us get to this point, the beginning.


SouthPoint Video Team - Wes, Nik, Jonathan, Micheal and Ryan.  Thanks for the countless hours of work and dedication.  

Vina Howell - The logo, the website and putting up with me!

Rachel Sumner, Restore Corps - for listening and nudging me forward.

Susie Harvill and Minnie O'Banner, Advocates for Freedom - For nurturing the plan when it needed and telling me when I was in way over my head.

Tujuan McCarty, The Wellhouse - if advice is golden, yours is platinum.

Craig and Patti Wendel - For having the dream and choosing the team to make it happen.

SouthPoint Church - For those of you waiting on me so you can begin to help the cause.

My wife - For just being you!


We take off from here, wheels up.


Charley Short

President, 51 South Foundation

Charles ShortComment