Global problem, Local Solution


Human Trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world.  

Our Mission

51 South Foundation is a non-profit organization that houses, educates, trains and redeems individuals affected by human trafficking, sexual exploitation and debt bondage.

Our Goals

Through partnership with local medical personnel, start the healing process from addiction, as well as physical and mental scarring

Through friendship, exhibit safe and healthy relationships.

Through God, showing the true meaning of His love and grace.

Create restoration centers across the country to house affected victims.

Through education, teach them and prepare them for college.

Through in-house businesses, give a multitude of job skills and training.

Through mentoring, equip them with the life skills they will need in the future.



  • Charley Short, President

Charley Short was born in Texas and grew up in Alaska.  He has been working with SouthPoint Church since 2009 and is now overseeing the renovation of their new building.  Charley brings 20+ years of operational and management experience to the 51 South Foundation.  He has been married to his wife Lisa, for 14 years and has a son named Christopher.


Craig Wendel has been in full-time ministry since 1993.  His work has included youth, missions, executive and administration.  It seems as though God was preparing him all along to plant a church.

One of Craig's passions in life is sharing the genuine gospel message in a fun and humorous way.  He inspires life-change through his Sunday talks and his everyday, walking around life.  Patti enjoys life at home with Sierra (15), Phoebe (12) and Noah (9), while also assisting in the leadership of SouthPoint.