51 South Foundation was created to become a local solution to a global problem.  We are a Mississippi based organization that rescues victims from the clutches of trafficking in its myriad of forms.  We attended an event on trafficking and realized that housing is the biggest missing piece of the puzzle needed to stop the tide of trafficking in our communities.

Our Board

Charley Short - Co-Founder, President

Charley was born in Texas and grew up in Alaska.  He spent 20 years in the corporate world holding many upper management positions with various organizations.  He currently works full time for 51 South.  He resides in north Mississippi with his wife and a plethora of dogs and cats.


Craig Wendel - Co-Founder, Vice President

Craig has been in full-time ministry since 1993.  His work has included youth, missions, executive and administration.  It seems as though God was preparing him all along to plant a church.

One of Craig's passions in life is sharing the genuine gospel message in a fun and humorous way.  He inspires life-change through his Sunday talks and his everyday, walking around life.  


Craig Howell - Treasurer


Our Team

Cathy Gandy - Fundraising Coordinator